This website is for the Alumni of what was Bretton Hall educational establishment. It closed in 2007 and at present, all enquiries about the College's academic work should be addressed to Leeds University.  This website is for everyone who has been touched and inspired by the creative powerhouse that was Bretton Hall and the website was launched after the ‘final’ big reunion of May 2007.

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Bretton Reunions

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1 - Please note: Due to Coronavirus,  it seems unlikely that a reunion will be possible this year.              Continue to check this section for latest information.


2 - Click on the following link for recent developments at Bretton Hall 

        •  2021  Images of Conversion 

3 - Timelines

Click on the following links for each of three illustrated timelines, outlining developments at Bretton Hall from the 12th century to the present day:


•  1158-1949          •  1949-2007          •  2007 onwards


Bretton Reunion 2019

A report on the 2019 Reunion at the Sculpture Park is now available by clicking here