During the residency of the Allendale families, there were four main entrances to the estate,

each with its own Lodge:    Archway Lodge;     North Lodge  (aka Avenue Lodge);

Haigh Lodge,   and   Hoyland Lodge.   In the 20th century the latter was sold for private

use and subsequently extensively altered.


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 Archway Lodge  (listed grade II*)

On the north-east side of the park a track leads west from Huddersfield Road to Archway Lodge, which was designed in 1805/6 by William Atkinson and is in the form of a giant archway with fluted columns. 

 Haigh Lodge  ( listed grade II)

Standing on the east side of the estate, at the edge of Huddersfield Road, Haigh Lodge was designed by Jeffry Wyatt during 1811-14.  

North Lodge (Listed grade ll) 

At the end of Park Lane, the principal vehicular entrance to Bretton Hall,  on the north side of the site, stands North Lodge which was designed 1811-14 by Jeffry Wyatt.