I wish to record my thanks to the following:


  • Anna Bowman of NAEA, who kindly used her good offices to obtain permission for me to visit the Mansion;
  • Rushbond plc for their kindness in granting permission for my visit;
  • Richard Flowerday, who accompanied me on my visit, assisted in the practical aspects of preparing areas for photography, and allowed me to share in his vast and detailed knowledge of the history of the Mansion and its various owners.  I would not have been able to find my way around the building without his guidance.


My comments and explanations about the areas photographed were based on information gleaned from the following publications:

  • Country Life Magazine – issues May 21st and May 28th, 1938;
  • Journal of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects, 1963;
  • History of the Architecture of Bretton Hall, by the late S. J. Wright  (published in the Yorkshire Archeological Journal – Vol 72).
  • The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer,  19th January 1948;
  • Wikipedia.