Yellow Drawing Room

Yellow Drawing Room

Although the Allendale family referred to this room as the ‘Yellow Drawing Room’,  it was known more affectionately by college students as the ‘Adam Room’, due to its coved ceiling with delicate Adamesque ornament that reflected the fashion of the 18th century.


An article by Wikipedia tells us that:


“Robert and James Adam travelled in Italy and Dalmatia in the 1750s, observing the ruins of the classical world. On their return to Britain, they set themselves up with their older brother, John, as architects.   The Adam brothers aimed to simplify the rococo and baroque styles which had been fashionable in the preceding decades, to bring what they felt to be a lighter and more elegant feel to Georgian houses.


“The Adam style moved away from the strict mathematical proportions previously found in Georgian rooms, and introduced curved walls and domes, decorated with elaborate plasterwork and striking mixed colour schemes using newly affordable paints in pea green, sky blue, lemon, lilac, bright pink, and red-brown terracotta.”


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Photographs by Tony Rigby – January, 2015