Brochure — 1964

Commemorative Brochure – 1964

In 1964 the Governors of Bretton Hall College of Education published a brochure entitled:

BRETTON HALL     1949 – 1964

Celebrations of the Foundation of the College and the Formal Opening of the Extensions, March 1964.    Notes on the history of the College and its buildings


In the commemorative brochure, when considering the foundation of the college to train students for the teaching of Music, Art and Drama, Mr. A. B. Clegg was quoted:

 “In 1945, when many of us were anxious about the place of the arts in education and the dearth of music teachers in the country, the Ministry, through Cyril Winn H.M.I. suggested that they would like to see a training college established in the West Riding, which had been made fertile for such a development by the work of the late Mr. E. Priestley, Senior County Organizer for Music at the time.  We started to think of the problem, and when it was suggested that we might avoid too narrow an outlook by bringing in a few painters, the possibility of establishing an Arts College came to my mind, and I at once suggested a college of Music, Art and Drama …”


A copy of the brochure was transcribed and prepared for this site by Tony Rigby in April, 2015.

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 1964 Brochure

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