Mail 20th Jan 2016

Dear  Members
This is a note to inform you, that the entry form for the next reunion on the 21st May, will be posted on FB and a separate email soon.
We expect quite large numbers this year as the mail group is 60% higher than last year.  Again, Rushbond will be giving an update and other activities will be organised.
Further to my last email, we have again had conversations with Mark Finch of Rushbond about all the artefacts from the building to be demolished.  Richard Flowerday, in conjunction with the Bretton Archive, has re visited all of the areas that will be demolished and produced a list of external features.  Most of the stone features will be incorporated into the new development, but other features, like the name plates of the hostel blocks, will be removed for us to decide what to do with.  I’m sure ideas will be forthcoming and hopefully a good idea will be produced in time for the next reunion.
David Newland also suggested that the room in/out sliders in the hostel entrances should also be removed.  This seems to have been accepted also by Rushbond.  Finally, those wardrobe doors, with all their graffiti and ‘art work’.  For all of us from an older generation, we may not understand the ‘vandalism’ that took place from about the mid 1970’s onwards.  Names and ‘events’ have been inscribed on the back of the wardrobe doors.  There developed a list of those who occupied the rooms and some others that ‘visited’ ??.  These doors mean quite a lot to the people who wrote on them and there will be a serious effort to get them rescued in time for the next reunion.  If you want a particular door, then it is first come first served.  I will attempt to make a list, but restrict it to one person one door.  These will NOT be posted.  If you want one, then email me and instructions will follow.
The hostel blocks will be demolished some time around the date of the next reunion, or possibly even earlier?  I will keep you all informed.  The brick from the hostel blocks will be crushed and used for the access road after the Newts have been rescued.  There must be a song there somewhere?
Here is the list of significant features audited by Richard Flowerday.  Get back to us quickly if you find we have missed something?


Hi Alan

In response to your request for a list of Items or features that need to be saved at the time of the demolition of hostels and other buildings at Bretton, I went on a tour this morning. I spoke to Leonard first and am copying him into this email. He will be having a meeting with Jonathan Maud next week and I am sure there may be more details about the items I have listed below which he would be able to add in his meeting.

1 From the Sir Alec Clegg building ( which Leonard informed me was to come down)
i The stones with Sir Alec Clegg and 1949 in gold.
ii The stone with a carving of an owl surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves
iii The stone with the hyacinth poem carved into it. This was Sir Alec’s message to the students of Bretton Hall.2 The Student Centre Building
The head of a lion from the wall near the entrance doors3 The old Science/Mathes Dept building
On the end wall facing the back of the mansion there is a carved crest

4 Boiler room/dining room under the Art block
The head of a lion which has been a water spout in a previous setting

5  Court yard space between Allendale/Wentworth/Dearne
Column with an open globe and arrow on top

6  Grasshopper
Carving over the door

7  Kings Head
Carving over the door

8  Savile
The corner nearest the drive has a carving of a crest held by an owl

9   Hostel Name plates –  10 in all

Haigh, Savile, Grasshopper, Wentworth, Allendale, Kings Head, Dearne, Litherop, Swithen, Beaumont

The only other item that I have thought about is the Austin Wright sculpture which was at the front of the hostels on the side towards the bottom lake. I believe that this is in the care of YSP. It was of significance to many students with its reference to learning and developing vision and knowledge.

Hope this helps

Best wishes


All for now