The Bretton Family

Bretton Family Album   5th/April/2020

Perhaps now that we have a little time, it might be a good opportunity to look at our ‘family album’.  We could  lodge all of our posts from ‘Facebook’ and elswhere into the Bretton website.  This is quite a large task and it requires some volunteer editors for each section of the site.  Music, Art and Drama should have their own editors, with a person to edit the other faculties.  Now I accept that Bretton became, and was, far more than an Arts College, it just that the posted material is abundant in these three named areas.
At the moment the website has grown into quite a complicated ‘beast’ as it evolved, and was not designed for this level of material.  I constructed the website in WordPress and then Tony Rigby carried the work forward to this day. I have remained present for any ‘techie problems’.  As in all things, we need to evolve and use this time that we have been granted to develop the Bretton family in a structured form.  Facebook and other social media forums are amazing mediums to allow all to publish, but it is very ‘transient’ and difficult to find articles.
I am open to all ideas and will show any keen editors how to publish on the website and a bit about WordPress.  You would have your own login with a username and password.
The website is
Please take a look and comment as you wish. PM me if you wish to be an editor.  Tony Rigby, Susan Daniels, David Newland and Andy Talbot already have access to the site.  Please join us
Alan Parker

01688 302075 or