Performances at Bretton HallĀ  1965-70


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1967 images

'Trial by Jury' by Gilbert and Sullivan, 15th December 1967
This was a project by John Handley as part of his M3 music assessment utilising many students for the chorus and orchestra. Some of the participants are: John Handley (conductor), Christine Douglas, Jonathan Newcombe, Gemma Farmer (staff), Christine Brown (staff), Jenny Oughton, Mike Tomlinson, Manton Dumville, Roger Bush, Janis Greenaway and Angela Gough (soprano soloist).

Capella Choir and Chapel Choir

1967 Production of the Wakefield Mystery Plays

A separate section is available for viewing each of the four Productions of the Mystery Plays.

1968 images

Capella Choir at Coventry

1969 images