Reunion 2023

The 2023  Reunion to be held at the Sculpture Park.

Update for this coming Saturday 13th May

This update is not one of the most ‘upbeat’ in content, as there has not been a very good response to the Reunion on the 13th.  Things have certainly changed from the last large Reunion in 2019 when we had over 70 for the meal and over 150 for the day.   Also, things financially in YSP have changed.  We had to meet a minimum number of attendees booked by last weekend and, unbeknown to me until last week, were going to charge quite a high figure for the auditorium.

I have therefore had to make the following changes:

The meal didn't make the required number and so I have contacted all of those who paid for the meal and informed them that their payments are to be refunded.  Several of the groups have opted to go for an evening meal close to where some are staying and the rest of us have a block booking at the Cherry Tree in High Hoyland.  If anyone wishes to join us please get back to me asap at   We will be meeting there at 7pm.

The other alteration is for the afternoon.  After talking to Rushbond and Artfarm, we decided that because of there being not a lot to say at the moment and also the cost, we have abandoned the update.  Instead, I am going to try and meet up with some of the groups attending in the afternoon and tell them what I know and to look at the way forward for future Reunions.  Clearly, when the opportunity comes along to meet actually inside the Hall, a big discussion will take place organise a larger event again.

The Walk with Richard in the morning will go ahead as normal, with all those who asked to join, meeting at 11 am outside the front of the YSP main building.

At 10.20 I am meeting with a group from the early 1960's in the Restaurant in YSP, any others of that time please come along.

!0.45 we all meet at the front of YSP to chat about the day

At 15.00   A group from the late 1960s early 1970's will meet at Kennel Block, now named the Rushbond Centre.

Other groups please let me know the time and place?

Susan Daniels, College  Staff 1987-2001 ( English, education, inter arts)  University staff 2001-2007( education, performance and cultural industries)   will be in the main restaurant for a large part of the day and will hopefully be able to give out any changes to peoples schedules.  Susan is a great source of information about Bretton and is good for a really good chat about the place.

Don't forget to log onto the Y.S.P. website and book in.  If you are a member of Y.S.P. entry is free.

Anyway, the show goes on, if only in a limited way.  I am so, so sorry that this has happened, but we have all to be aware that in the present financial and post covid climate, things have changed.   We have to change and adapt and I'm sure that we will.  Look forward to seeing you all again.


'1958 Group' Reunion - 2014

'1958 Group' Reunion - 2014