The Alumni

The Alumni are basically anyone who has had anything to do with Bretton over the period from 1949 to 2007.  This includes staff of what every background.  We would be just as happy to have the kitchen and garden staff with us as ex lecturers and Principals.   All have something to contribute to our shared experiences of this wonderful house and grounds.  Some of the buildings that we have so much affection for are now gone, but the memories live on with all of us.  We are a family!   

Ask in any family, it tends to be the older ones that have the time and resources to 'baby sit' and commit to doing the background work.  It is a little bit like that with our section of the Alumni admin.  After the 2007 reunion, everyone talked about organising something more and structuring a solid background.  I immediately took on the job of sorting out a website and others jumped in to help and some set up Facebook pages.  All of this is the Alumni.  It is the people, the memories and our future that will bind us together over these quite sad, but inspiring days to come.   

Reunions are being held by different small groups all the time and we have one related to this website which is held in May.  We are very happy to advertise any other meetings if people wish us to, we are not 'picky' about just our own.  The age profile of our 'mail out' now is spread throughout the whole range of cohorts, as is the formal reunion in May.  These reunions will change radically as the Hall becomes available to us all and it is hoped to help do a 'dry run' of the Hotel before it opens officially.  (Dry, not perhaps the best choice of words)

The people involved so far.

Tony Rigby 1961 - 64.  Looks after the Archive;  Reminiscences;  Bretton Images, and students from the early years.

David Newland, whose main study from 1984 to 1987 was Dramatic Arts with Dance. He also served as Student Union President from 1987-89. Involved in all areas

Moira Long, 1969-70 Involved in all areas

Andrew Talbot. 1987- 90 Drama. Looks after the younger end of the Alumni.

Richard Flowerday, 1967-70 Arts. Official guide at the Sculpture Park and our main contact for day to day information.

Alan Parker, Music 1968-71. Responsible for the website and social media. Nose into everything, as the name suggests. I also do the mail outs. FB page

Celia Lord, nee Greatorex;


Your images and details should be here, so come along and help

A very nice quote from Facebook 7/03/2017

'Sometimes you wish you could re live. Not turn back time. But re live and this time truly appreciate every moment because it shaped us and for that we owe a debt of love and honour. An inspirational institution and wherever you all are and what ever you are doing a superb human legacy that was produced from our home. A toast a tear and an eternal memory. Bretton Hall!!!

John Herriman 1977 to 1980 Drama and P. E. and Outdoor door education. And many many appearances at folk club lol. Worked for the last 37 years as an actor, singer, writer and teacher. An absolute blast.

This speaks for us all I think?  We are the Alumni